Living a happy healthy wealthy life

Disease free life is called happy life.  In this modern century, we are enjoying the advancement of technology and science. At present we are ignoring the drawbacks in it and today’s our world is facing huge global warming because of the pollution in the earth. The pollution is damaging the layer of the atmosphere and when the layer is completely damaged then CFC or chlorofluorocarbon enters directly into the earth. And that gas is very poisonous and can damage all the living beings in the earth. And the pollution not only affects the atmosphere but also humans, the people who are inhaling the polluted air are suffering from many respiratory problems and lung disease. Air is the purest form which is produced by the shaking of trees and plants and if the impurity surrounding us and mixes with the air then it results in impure air. And added to pollution the air also gets spoiled because of the dust and waste materials in the city. When the garbage is not been disposed properly then city becomes unclean so germs may build around us so when air mixes with those germs and impurities when it inhaled  it causes dangerous diseases in humans. In those diseases, the one which is commonly caused due to the virus is called fever. Fever is caused due to the influenza virus the symptoms of the disease is body pain, headache and nausea and vomiting. This disease is common in all the countries in the world. There are many medicines available for fever and it can be completely cured within a single week. Fever comes along with the common cold which has symptoms like cough and cold and running nose. Today common fever has been divided into many types called swine flu, viral fever, and dengue etc. all these disease are caused because of the unclean environment in the city. So to live disease free life one has to clean their environment.


What is normal body temperature?     

When a person is affected by fever the doctor first checks his body temperature, the normal body temperature is 37-degree centigrade or 98 degrees Fahrenheit. When the temperature gets increased from that level then it causes fever or other diseases. The increase in temperature will not only because of fever, but there are some other reasons behind the high temperature.


One main reason for high temperature is a fever and next main reason is heart stroke, this condition is common among elderly adults who are suffering from heart diseases. When high in temperature occurs in heart patients then it has to be medicated at once else it may lead to dangerous effects.  Babies and adults who are suffering from chronic health diseases should reach hospitals when their temperature is high or else it may lead to severe problems. One has to take care of their health it is better to cure at the initial stage than to rush in the final minute. So when you feel any disturbance in your body seeks doctor advice and cures it in the early stage.